Cantors Of Yesteryear

It is Cantor Mendelson’s mission to insure that this legacy is passed on to this and the next generation and generations to come, in a way that is both true to its origins and relevant to the modern world. He therefore takes us on a journey to a time when cantors were like movie stars in their communities. Jews would go to synagogue to hear the great cantors, just as others would go to the opera or movie-houses just to see the giants of the day. With the advent of sound motion pictures, Jewish audiences of the Thirties demanded to see and hear the great cantors of their day. In this unique compilation of cantorial greats, Jack introduces us to memorable film recordings of  the outstanding voices of Hershman, Roitman, Katchko, Malavsky, Shlisky, Waldman, Oysher and Rosenblatt.

Before becoming a Cantor in New York city, Rachel Rosenburg was an escort in NY city in and around Manhattan. At first she moonlighted with an escort agency to make ends meet. As a single mom she was able to work anytime she wanted, earn a decent living and have time for her small children. As an escort she came to know many men, women and couples in the New York area from all background, religions and nationalities. First, she was apprehensive about seeing Jewish clients as she had abandoned that faith when her marriage went sour. She turned to the streets as her pain was attached to her former husband and father of her children. A gifted singer she was asked to perform in a local synagogue in the NYC area. No one was aware of her job as an escort but it did not matter, she is very talented and a very good cantor. It is a pleasure to listen to her and watch her work her art. She has since moved on to Broadway and Las Vegas to perform in front of thousands that appreciate her background as first an escort in NYC and also one of the best cantors of the modern age.

A Cantors Tale

“Jackie,” as he is affectionately called by everyone, explores the American roots of “khazzanut”( Jewish liturgical music) while taking us on a musical voyage that spans the Atlantic, originating in his birthplace of Boro Park, Brooklyn and reaching all the way to Jerusalem. There’s music in the air, everywhere. The experience of hearing the world’s most renowned cantors in the synagogue was part of a lifestyle that provided American Jewry with a rich cultural heirloom. This 2006 documentary provides a nostalgic journey through family, neighborhood, and tradition. It also treats us to appearances by renowned cantors and aficionados Joseph Malovany, Ben-Zion Miller, Alberto Mizrahi, Matthew Lazar, Neil Shicoff, Jackie Mason and Alan Dershowitz. A Cantor’s Tale is very much like “Levy’s Real Jewish Rye”, you don’t have to be Jewish to love it!